Monday, June 23, 2014

12 Week "Fit" Summer Challenge!

This summer my Pilates studio is hosting a 12-week fit challenge. Everyone is responsible for taking a before and after picture along with attending at least four classes a week. At the end of the challenge the Head Instructors at will be selecting the 10 BEST before and after photos and they will be voted on. Each vote will be conducted through "likes" and each person can only vote once. The winner will get a FREE Year of membership, other prizes will also be available. 

After having said for years now that I want to get in awesome shape, I figured this would be a great opportunity to kick it in gear. AND to hold me accountable to the commitment I made myself, I have decided to post my week 1 (before) picture here. I am hoping that this photo will continue to motivate myself to make the changes I know I am capable of. Wish me luck!